We are a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals from all around the province who specialize in outdoor education, nature education, and environmental education.

Roland Chiasson
Aster Group: Environmental Services Cooperative
Roland Chiasson is a working member of the Aster Group, a N.B. cooperative that works on environmental solutions. He has worked with Parks Canada, as a nature interpreter, and has also taught English and Science classes to high school students. He also worked with Nature NB, as a Conservation Biologist and was also the former education manager for Cape Jourimain Nature Centre. "Resources for Rethinking", a web-based source for environmental curriculum materials, has used his skills to review and add to their many educational activities. Roland is always enthralled with the natural sights and sounds during his woodland wanderings.

Melissa Headshot
Melissa Fulton
Melissa Fulton has over 12 years of experience in outdoor nature education and interpretation in New Brunswick. She previously studied pollination ecology and has a special fondness for insects. Melissa loves to go outside for the fresh air, exercise, and a sense of calm that only nature can provide.




Danielle Smith 
Conservation Council of New Brunswick

Danielle Smith is the Citizen’s Engagement Manager at the Conservation Council of New Brunswick. She brings a wide range of knowledge on Monarchs, Bird Identification, Wildlife Ecology, Forest Ecology, Sustainability, NB Wildlife, Wildlife Adaptations, Wildlife Friendly Gardening, Pollinators and Composting. Nature allows her to always be learning. It is so vast and changing that she is always discovering new and wonderful things.

nadine ives
Nadine Ives
Conservation Council of New Brunswick
Nadine has lived in New Brunswick for over 23 years. She works for Conservation Council of New Brunswick as coordinator of the Learning Outside project. Nadine has a PhD in hardwood tree ecology and has been involved in nature education in various forms for over 20 years (from school visits and nature walks to university teaching). Her areas of expertise include outdoor nature education, general ecology, plant ecology, native plants, invasive species, climate change, wildlife friendly gardening, and phenology. Nadine heads outside to feel grounded, refreshed and re-energized, and to see what her non-human neighbours are up to.

Serge LaRochelle photoSerge LaRochelle
Groupe de développement durable du pays de Cocagne
Serge LaRochelle is from Saint-Boniface in Manitoba and now lives in Cocagne, New Brunswick. Serge works for the Pays de Cocagne Sustainable Development Group on ecological restoration and biodiversity projects. He completed a Masters program in Natural Resources Management at the University of Manitoba. He is interested in ecological gardening, composting, tree planting and establishing natural spaces. Serge recognizes the learning opportunities that arise when youth go out of the classroom to discover nature around the school yard.

Ian 2016Ian Smith
Parks Canada
Ian Smith is a Parks NB Program Manager, Grandfather, Outdoor Educator, Outward Bound Canada Instructor. He loves sharing nature with “soft-shelled turtles”.

Janet Bird WatchingJanet Doucet
Daly Point Nature Reserve
Janet Doucet is the Program Coordinator at the Daly Point Nature Reserve in Bathurst. She studied biology at Acadia University, and loves sharing her passion for nature. When not working on a new project, she can be found cycling, kayaking or walking her dog, camera in hand, looking to capture the marvels and mysteries that abound around us!
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