great minds think outside logoWhat is Great Minds Think Outside?
Launched in 2015, Great Minds Think Outside is a bilingual hands-on, curriculum-linked, outdoor professional development program that gives educators the skills and resources they need to teach their students outside-whatever the subject matter! Great Minds feeds creativity, improves well-being, stimulates appreciation for nature and encourages environmental stewardship through innovative outdoor learning. This program is the first of its kind in New Brunswick! By offering the sessions in a daily work environment, educators discover the possibilities of teaching in their own schoolyard.

  • Improved mental and physical health, and wellness for both students and teacher; reduced transmission of illnesses outdoors
  • Enhanced cooperation and problem solving skills
  • Reduced challenging behaviours among students; increased learning outcomes
  • A stronger connection with nature

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What is a session like?

Great Minds Think Outside is a teacher training professional development program that usually takes place on school grounds during a PD day. The program is extremely flexible, and we will tailor the session to the schools' needs and interests, including age group, subject matter, and according to the greenspaces the school has access to, and for the number of teachers present. After a session, the teachers will have learned fundamental techniques for success in maintaining focus and interest in their subject matter in the outdoor environment, practice with some activities relevant to their curriculum, access to 40 NB-specific activities, plus referrals to free online banks of searchable and educator-tested lesson plans for future use.


"This is the future of education."
- Teacher at Salem Elementary School, Sackville, N.B.

"All the activities can be adapted for all levels and all curriculums, reaching the hands on and kinaesthetic learners."
- Teacher at Barkers Point School, Fredericton, N.B.

Overall experience score of 4.5, with 5 being excellent!

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