The following services are available to everyone! Prices may vary depending on membership.

Zoom Hosting
NBEN will allow member groups to book our Zoom license for their own meetings, provided one is available during the requested time, and provided a staff person is available at the meeting time for support purposes. Booking is first come, first served. For information on availability please email

NBEN’s Zoom license includes a meeting or webinar option of up to 100 participants, and a toll-free dial-in number from Canada. NBEN will set up the meeting and provide member group with the link and call-in information. If needed, NBEN will provide a short tutorial on how to use Zoom. NBEN will start the meeting/webinar at the designated time and hand hosting over to the member, associate, or co-host.

Fees for a simple meeting or webinar of up to 2 hours (including setup)*:
  • $30, plus $28 per hour and a 10% administration fee.

*Longer or more complex meetings or webinars will be charged on a case-by-case basis.

Event Registration
The NBEN can provide a basic webpage for people to register for your events virtually. Our event registration is very customizable. Registrants may:
  • pay by Paypal/credit, or at the door
  • enter their name, organization, address, phone number, email, website, employer, job title, gender, interests, languages spoken, and more, just ask!

Receipts can be sent out to registrants via Paypal. Different fees and packages can be listed in the registration form, as well as an early registration discount.
Pricing for use of our event registration:
  • Members and associates: $40
  • Non-members: $50

More complex events will be charged on a case-by-case basis based on staff time required to assist you in your setting-up your event. For more information email or call 506-855-4144.

Website posts
Posts to our website must be made on the proper board and must be relevant to the NBEN. Irrelevant or misplaced posts may be removed from our website. All posting is free for members!

Anyone may post to the following boards for free:

Members may post to the above boards and the following boards for free:

For more information on posting to our website, email or call 506-855-4144.

Weekly Newsletter
Members and associates may submit items to be included in our weekly newsletter. Submissions must be received by 11:59pm on Wednesday. The newsletter is sent out on Thursdays at 4pm.

The NBEN offers facilitation services to our members. This service can be use for meetings, graphic facilitation, workshop design, and more. Prices for facilitation vary from case to case. For more information, email or call 506-855-4144.

Interpretation Equipment
The NBEN offers interpretation equipment (headsets) for rent to our members. The cost is determined on a case by case basis, depending on needs. 

Great Minds Think Outside Training Sessions
Launched in 2015, Great Minds Think Outside is a bilingual hands-on, curriculum-linked, outdoor professional development program that gives educators the skills and resources they need to teach their students outside-whatever the subject matter! Training sessions are approximately three hours in duration. Full-day sessions are also available upon request. Click here for more information on the Great Minds Think Outside program. If cost remains a barrier, please contact us and we can help find funding. For more information or sessions for community groups or private daycare centers, please contact us at or call 506-855-4144.

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