Communities along the Bay of Fundy
Nature NB

One foggy September evening, Nature NB staff pulled into Maces Bay to host a community event with our partners. As the evening wore on, participants eagerly shared stories, registered for volunteer opportunities, and learned about conservation initiatives in the region. Perched along the Fundy coast, Maces Bay sits on the eastern boundary of the Pt. Lepreau/Maces Bay Important Bird Area (IBA). IBAs are designated sites which provide critical habitat for birds. Nature NB actively recruits volunteers who help monitor, steward, and raise awareness about these amazing places. With support from the IBA Local Action Fund and NB Wildlife Trust Fund, we are building community-level support to better protect birds by sharing local stories, organizing events, and recruiting new allies and volunteers. Interested? Additional information.

This project has been active since 2017 and will continue until 2020.En Bi Col Tag jpg
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