This biodiversity logo was developed to help create awareness of the importance of New Brunswick’s biodiversity and to build public interest in preserving it. This logo can be used by all collaborative partner organizations to demonstrate solidarity and connect various efforts to advance biodiversity conservation, stewardship, and education. The logo is intended to supplement organizations' brands by demonstrating a collaborative spirit.

The Live Wild poster was created to help you write press releases and other documents. Pin it up on you bulletin board and share it with others with #livewild! The poster is available below in English and French.

Scroll down to find the logo in
  • English, French, and bilingual
  • coloured, black, or white
  • with tag lines or badge style
  • jpg or png

Download the logo and poster here or by scrolling to the very bottom of this page.  Be sure to read the usage guidelines for the logo!

This logo is an initiative of Team Bio Communications of the NB Biodiversity Collaborative.

  • Nadine Ives, Conservation Council of New Brunswick
  • Nick Carter, Nature NB
  • Curtis Richardson, Nature Trust of New Brunswick
  • Todd Byers, New Brunswick Department of Energy and Resource Development
  • Peter McLaughlin, Department of Environment and Local Government
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