¡Buenos días!

I am writing to you all from beautiful Costa Rica, where Anne-Marie and I are starting work at the secretariat of the International Analog Forestry Network (IAFN), the organization we will be interning with for 6 months. We are happy to be settling in to our routines here in San Jose, after a couple of hectic weeks since arriving. The IAFN recently decided to move from their previous home near the Pacific coast, in a small town called Londres, to the bustling capital of San Jose. What a change!

When we first arrived we were whisked off to Londres and were fortunate to enjoy the beauty and pace of life in the countryside for a little while. We stayed at a beautiful organic farm (Finca Paraíso Verde, a wonderful place to stay for anyone interested) where we went to sleep to the sound of thousands of insects and woke up to birds and the smell of delicious gallo pinto (the traditional dish of rice and beans). We learned many things during our stay and met some incredible people! It was definitely hard to say goodbye and we hope to visit as often as we can.

Being in Londres gave us the opportunity to learn more about Analog Forestry (AF) by visiting an AF site created by one of the pioneers of this method. If you are confused by the term do not worry – so were we! Basically AF is a method of ecological restoration that uses natural forests as the ultimate guide, in both architectural structures and ecological functions. That is, the end goal for restoring a degraded area of land would be a forest that is analogous to a mature forest in the same region. In this method, the socioeconomic needs of farmers and communities can be met through the production of a range of marketable goods. The IAFN even has a certification system set up to market goods produced from Analog Forestry, known as Forest Garden Products.

We are both looking forward to learning more and continuing to share our adventures, so check back here for more updates!

Maya Irwin

For anyone interested in learning more about Analog Forestry and on the work of the IAFN, check out our website: http://www.analogforestrynetwork.org/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Analog-Forestry-Forester%C3%ADa-An%C3%A1loga/104523486249675?fref=ts

Finca Paraíso Verde: http://fincaparaisoverde.jimdo.com/english/about-use/


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