Plan, Do, Check, Improve - Check out Environment Canada's first
Federal Sustainable Development Strategy Progress Report

Environment Canada has just released its first Progress Report on the Federal Sustainable Development Strategy (FSDS). The Report describes actions taken to implement the requirements under the Federal Sustainable Development Act since the tabling of the FSDS. It outlines the 'plan, do, check, and improve' approach to reporting on sustainable development by focusing on progress made on setting up the systems needed to implement the FSDS. The Report also lays the foundation for future reporting by outlining how results will be measured and shared.

Some of the key accomplishments to date include:
  • Establishing a Sustainable Development Office;
  • Putting in place a management framework for the FSDS;
  • Putting in place a way to integrate Departmental Sustainable Development Strategies into the expenditure management system for the first time;
  • Developing greening government operations targets, implementation strategies, and guidance;
  • Revising the guidelines for strategic environmental assessment requiring consideration of, and public reporting on, FSDS goals and targets; and,
  • Establishing a performance measurement system for the FSDS to effectively monitor and report on progress. This includes a suite of environmental indicators and performance measures for Themes I-III, and common performance measures for Theme IV.

The FSDS, tabled in Parliament in October, 2010, sets out sustainable development goals, targets, and implementation strategies organized under four priority themes:
I. Addressing climate change and air quality;
II. Maintaining water quality and availability;
III. Protecting nature; and
IV. Shrinking the environmental footprint - beginning with government
For more information, check out the 2011 FSDS Progress Report here!

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