NATURE MONCTON MEETING PRESENTATION “Growing Native Species in your Backyard”

With the loss and fragmentation of habitat, the loss of biodiversity, pollution,
climate change and many more factors that take a huge toll on our native wildlife,
it is time that we do our part to try and recreate what we are losing in our own
backyard. For the past few years, Samuel Legresley and Pierre Janin have turned
their focus to native plants, learning how to identify them, how to propagate
them and how to educate people on good gardening practices in an attempt to
attract, protect, feed and create habitat for our native species.

For about a century, non-native species have been introduced in the nursery
trade to beautify our properties. Trees, shrubs and flowers from as far as Eastern
Asia, with fragrant, colourful and numerous blossoms, have become the standard
of landscaping. Everybody owns or knows someone who owns a Colorado Spruce,
a Japanese Lilac, a Norway Maple, a Burning Bush, an Hydrangea or a Butterfly
Bush, Hostas, Spireas, Daisies, Bearded Irises or Shrimp Willows. Even though they
all look great, their usefulness to our native species, i.e. our pollinators, birds and
native insects, is very limited. Some of these alien species that do not share an
evolutionary history with our local wildlife might provide some food, cover and
nectar for some, but not as much as our native species.

In this presentation, Samuel and Pierre will introduce native species, will discuss
the importance of planting them instead of non-native species, and will educate
us about all the benefits they provide to our backyards and to our local wildlife.
They will give examples of species that you can grow and species to avoid, so that
you can recreate habitats that have been fragmented or lost over time, including
species that will attract as many insects and birds as possible, while making your
garden a four-season delight for our fauna.

Come and learn how to draw pollinators, insects and birds to your yard. All are
welcome, Nature Moncton member or not.

This will be a live presentation.

Zoom will not be available for the September meeting as Zoom capabilities are being upgraded and are expected to be at full steam for meetings thereafter.

Event Information

Event Date 19 September, 2023 7:00 pm
Location Mapleton Rotary Pavilion
Categories Meetings
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