For those who have dedicated their efforts to the air and the species that inhabit the air.

2022 Award presented to:
Hank Scarth

In recognition of his dedication and determination to make a difference for the shorebirds of Saints Rest Beach through public education and conversation.

2020 Award presented to:

Liz Smith, NB Lung

In recognition of 20 years of hard work to improve air quality for the citizens of New Brunswick.

2019 Award presented to:
EOS Eco-Energy

For their community leadership and on-going efforts to empower local solutions to climate change in the Tantramar-Memramcook region.

2013 Award presented to:
Louis Emile Cormier 2013 award
Louis-Emile Cormier

In recognition of his passion and commitment to raising awareness about the importance of protecting birds and their habitats.

2009 Award presented to:

Rod MacAleese 2009 award
Rod MacAleese

For over 20 years of ardent dedication to and hard work on improving air quality on behalf of his family, neighbours, children in the nearby school and the people of New Brunswick.

2008 Award presented to:
Sharon Flatt
Sharn Flatt 2008 award

For her passionate commitment, ideals and belief that we can build a better and healthier world for our children, and her innovative ideas and willingness to collaborate with others to achieve this goal.

2005 Award presented to:
Géraldine Arsenault
Géraldine Arsenault 2005 award

In recognition of her role in the protection of the longest sand dune on the East Coast of North America and helping ensure that this unique natural preserved for its wildlife inhabitants and appreciation by people from all corners of the planet.

2004 Award presented to:
Emily McMillan
Emily McMillan 2004 award

In recognition of her resolute commitment to environmental education and the promotion of environmental protection communicated through her seasoned voice of youth.

2003 Award presented to:
Dr. Jim Goltz
Jim Goltz 2003 award

For his enduring love and devotion to our environment and all wildlife and in recognition of his lifelong work to protect and promote understanding of birds and their habitat.

2001 Award presented to:
Climate Change Caravan 2001
Climate Change Caravan

For committing your hearts, souls, bodies and bikes to developing awareness and encouraging action among Canadians on the issue of climate change.

2000 Award presented to :
Roland Chiasson & Sabine Dietz

For their relentless work with communities, schools and governments as well as in the field in order to ensure the protection and awareness of the fate of the Piping plover.


1999 Award presented to:

Gordon Dalzell

For his devotion to ensuring clean air for the people of Saint John and throughout the province, and his passion for encouraging community involvement in environmental issues.

1998 Award presented to :
Marco Morency

For his intense engagement and his “renewable” energy in all that he does and especially for his efforts in order to keep the atmosphere free of nuclear material.
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