For those who have dedicated their efforts to the earth and the species that inhabit the earth.

2020 Award presented to:
Verts Rivage

In recognition of your work in the conservation and preservation of species and habitats in and around the Acadian Peninsula.

2019 Award presented to:
Megan de Graaf

For her deep understanding of the connection between people and forests, for her dedication to building rural capacity for the conservation and restoration of the Acadian Forest, and for doing so with great care, curiosity, and respect. 

2018 Award presented to:Chris award 2018
Chris Rouse

For his solutions-based environmentalism that has led to improvements in laws and regulations and, most recently, to detailed technical and economic modeling aimed at transitioning New Brunswick to a low-carbon economy.

2012 Award presented to:

Community Forests International

For their determined effort to maintain stewardship of Whaelghinbran Farm and to develop an on-site training centre to inspire youth and future generations to work towards achieving the health and diversity found within the Acadian Forest Eco-region prior to European settlement

2011 Award presented to:

Stephanie Merrill
stephanie merill

For her inspirational and stalwart effort to build a province-wide movement dedicated to protecting New Brunswick communities from the perils of shale gas fracking.

2009 Award presented to:
Tracy Glynn
tracy glynn gaia 2009 award

For expeditiously advancing social and environmental justice by engaging people from across the province on environmental issues requiring immediate attention.

2008 Award presented to:

Yvonne Devine
Y.Devine 2008 gaia

For her inspirational and energetic efforts to successfully alert and engage the people of southern New Brunswick about the perils of uranium mining and exploration.

2007 Award presented to:

George Fullerton
george fullerton 2007 gaia award

For his ardent leadership in establishing, through the New Brunswick Community Land Trust, the first conservation easements for working woodlots and farmland in the province.

2006 Award presented to:

Andrea Berry
andrea 2006 gaia

In recognition of her dedication to expanding, promoting and facilitating organic agriculture in New Brunswick.

2005 Award presented to:

Roger Babin
roger babin 2005 gaia

For his unconditional devotion to exposing to the people of New Brunswick the poor land management practices on our Crown lands and bringing to account those responsible and his role in launching Forest Watch.

2004 Award presented to:

Simon Mitchell
simon 2004 gaia

In recognition of his steadfast commitment to the protection of our forests and the promotion of community forestry.

2003 Award presented to :

Jean-Guy Comeau
jgcomeau 2003 gaia

In recognition of his passion for the forest and his affection for the people of Miramichi and for the serious and stimulating work he has undertaken for them.

2001 Award presented to : 

Yves Carrier
yves carrier 2001 gaia

For his consented efforts since 1997 for developing socio-economic activities that do not consume natural resources, in order to conserve the natural beauty of the Upper-Madawaska.

2000 Award presented to:

Steve Ginnish
steve ginnish 2000 gaia

For his outstanding contribution and commitment to the protection of Mother Earth … acknowledging his tireless efforts in his fight to protect the land from toxic waste dumps in the Miramichi.

1999 Award presented to:

Marc Spence
marc spence 1999 gaia

For his tireless commitment to the protection of our forest ecosystems and the development and implementation of forestry practices that are truly sustainable.

1998 Award presented to:

Roberta Clowater
roberta 1998 gaia

For her tireless work to protect natural areas in New Brunswick through networking, public education, advocacy and scientific analysis, so that humans and all of the other living things that share our province will have a future here.
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