For those who have dedicated their efforts to policies and legislation and have been through "the fire".

2021 Award presented to:
Nancy Juneau

For her leadership in the environmental movement in the Acadian Peninsula leading to mobilization of her community through the creation of Imaginons la péninsule acadienne autrement.

2020 Award presented to:
Julie Reimer, Sierra Club of Canada Foundation Atlantic

In recognition of your dedication and leadership in fighting for awareness surrounding environmental issues in New Brunswick.

2019 Award presented to:Symbiose Prix 2019

For the mobilisation not only of students but of the Greater Moncton community in solidarity with the global climate movement.

2018 Award presented to:Lois award 2018
Lois Corbett

For contributing her extensive expertise in communications, advocacy, and policy development to New Brunswick’s environmental movement, enabling us all to amplify our impact on local, provincial, and national environmental issues.

2017 Award presented to:

Red Head Anthony’s Cove Preservation Association
Red Head Cove Association phoenix 2017

In recognition of their unfaltering and ultimately successful commitment to defending their community and home from the threat of heavy industrial development.

2013 Award presented to:

The Fundy Biosphere Reserve
Fundy Biosphere 2013 phoenix

For their thought-provoking and accessible presentation of climate change through the production of The Whitney Journals.

2012 Award presented to:
Mark D'Arcy

In recognition of his bold leadership, creative strategies, and tireless devotion to raising public awareness about and mounting resistance to shale gas exploration.

2011 Award presented to:

Concerned Citizens of Penobsquis

In recognition of their unfaltering commitment to defending their community and home from the environmental impacts of industrial expansion in the face of a multitude of obstacles.

2008 Award presented to:

Petitcodiac Riverkeeper
petitcodiac riverkeeper 2008 phoenix

For their triumphant effort to restore the Petitcodiac River through community leadership and relentless, strategic and purposeful work at all levels.

2007 Award presented to:

Friends of Rockwood Park
friends rockwood 2007 phoenix

For mobilizing and empowering the citizens of Saint John to defend their environment and their community in the face of corporate domination.

2006 Award presented to:

Stephanie Coburn
Stephanie coburn 2006 phoenix

For her steadfast courage, determination and commitment to the environment and the environmental movement in New Brunswick.

2005 Award presented to:

Florian Levesque
Florian levesque 2005 phoenix

In recognition of his resolute work in organizing people and communities and defending the North Shore from becoming a sacrifice zone.

2004 Award presented to:

David Coon & Inka Milewski
david coon 2004 phoenix

For taking a direct hit and standing strong for our environment and our communities in the face of corporate intimidation.

inka m 2004 phoenix

2003 Award presented to:

Brenda Kelley
brenda kelly 2003 phoenix

For her dedication to ensuring a healthy environment in Bathurst and honouring her leadership as a powerful mover and shaker who rallies the community when the environment is in danger.

2002 Award presented to:
David Coon
david coon 2004 phoenix

For his devotion to conservation and sustainable communities and for his thoughtful guidance which has been a source of strength and inspiration for New Brunswick's environmental movement.

2001 Award presented to:

Jerry Cook 
jerry cook 2001 phoenix

For providing thoughtful and effective community leadership on major environmental issues in Sainte-Marie de Kent.

Denis Belliveau
For having provided thoughtful and effective community leadership around the primary environmental concerns in Sainte-Marie de Kent.

2000 Award presented to:
Luc Boucher

For the relentlessness with which these three people defended the interests of the whole province and all citizens of New-Brunswick during multiple meetings and exchanges with representatives of the forestry industry hostile to the project of the creation of new natural protected areas in New-Brusnwick.

Roberta Clowater
roberta 1998 gaia

For providing thoughtful and effective community leadership on the primary environmental issues in Sainte-Marie de Kent.

Jessie Davies
Jesse Davies 2000 phoenix

For the dedication she has shown to the development of a protected areas system, including defending the interests of New Brunswickers through many meetings with representatives of the forest industry.

1999 Award presented to:
J. Denys Bourque
jdenys bourque 1999 phoenix

For his dedication and relentless work towards environmental protection and the implementation of environmental policies in the Madawaska region as well as for the forests of our province.

1998 Award presented to:

Heather Lam

For her dedicated efforts to increase public awareness of the inhumane treatment of circus animals and for striving to effect bylaws which would restrict circuses with animal acts from performing in the city of Fredericton.

1998 Award presented to:

Amelia Clarke
amelia clarke 1998 phoenix

For her ability to fuel the flames of activism in everyone she meets and to acknowledge her success in creating the Sierra Youth Coalition, an organization dedicated to policy change and environmental activism.
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