For those who have dedicated their efforts to the waters and the species that inhabit the waters (formerly called the Orca Award).

2020 Award presented to:
Vision H2O

In recognition of your work in preserving the integrity of watersheds in Southeastern New Brunswick using a multitude of means.

2019 Award presented to:
PWA Award 2019Petitcodiac Watershed Alliance

For their continuing efforts to protect and restore freshwater habitat in the Petitcodiac and Memramcook River watersheds through science, education, and community engagement. 

2018 Award presented to:SWWAT award 2018
Save Wetlands Waters and Tourism

For sounding the alarm about threats to coastal ecosystems and communities along the Northumberland Strait and for advocating for government transparency and accountability in addressing these threats.

2015 Award presented to:

Donald Killorn

For his tireless commitment and innovative approaches to the conservation of the freshwater ecosystems.

2013 Award presented to:
Mary delaValette
Mary delaValette 2013 Samaqan

For her steadfast devotion in providing a daily news lifeline and conduit to the broader world which was essential to the formation and unity of the shale gas movement in New Brunswick

2011 Award presented to:

Sabine Dietz
Sabine Dietz 2011 samaqan

For her determined and steadfast devotion to building a collaborative movement to protect New Brunswick coasts and coastal communities from the impacts of climate change.

2008 Award presented to:

Friends of Musquash
friends of Musquash 2008 samaqan

For ensuring the permanent protection of the Musquash estuary and its surrounding upland habitat, salt-marshes, coastal lands and their wildlife inhabitants.

2008 Award presented to:

Randy Nason

For his steadfast devotion to Grand Lake and its watershed, and his community leadership in the face of industrial encroachment.

2006 Award presented to:

Groupe littoral et vie
Groupe littoral et vie 2006 samaqan

For inspiring children to learn more about watersheds, assume stewardship and engage their community to address environmental problems.

2005 Award presented to:

Association for the Preservation of the Bouctouche Watershed
association for the bouctouche watershed 2005 samaqan

For their valiant and unwavering defense of the Bouctouche ecosystem from the harmful environmental effects of a factory hog farm.

2004 Award presented to:

Daniel LeBlanc
daniel leblanc 2004 samaqan

For his warrior spirit that led him in a sustained fight to save and restore the ecosystem of the most threatened river in Canada; the Petitcodiac River.

2003 Award presented to:

David Thompson
david thompson 2003 samaqan

In recognition of a life selflessly devoted to the ecosystem and the people of the Bay of Fundy.

2002 Award presented to:

Beth McLaughlin
bethm 2002 samaqan

For her tireless efforts in fighting City Hall on the issue of the privatization of the Moncton public water distribution system, and for her capacity to involve people from diverse backgrounds.

2001 Award présented to:
Le Club d’Ornithologie du Madawaska
club dornithologie 2001 samaqan

For consented efforts by members since 1987 in order to create general awareness about the importance of the marshlands of Madawaska and in order to ensure their protection as well as that of the animal species who call them home.

2000 Award presented to:

Inka Milewski
inka m 2000 samaqan

For her outspoken and tireless commitment to the protection and rejuvenation of the Miramichi River and the species that inhabit it.

1999 Award presented to:

Janice Harvey
janiceh 1999 samaqan

For her love of and commitment to the Bay of Fundy’s wildlife and people, and her work to protect the integrity of the Fundy ecosystem.

1998 Award presented to:

Rose-Alma Mallet
rosealma 1998 samaqan

For her engagement in conservation and the restoration of coastal ecosystems, especially for her role in the opening of the causeway gates on the Petitcodiac River in order for its waters and its tidal bore to once again flow freely.

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