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Eco village needs 'FREE crown land'

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05 Avr 2016 12:33 - 05 Avr 2016 12:45 #1559 par universalspirit
universalspirit a créé le sujet : Eco village needs 'FREE crown land'
Hello everybody! I am Joseph, a brand new member, and it is very nice to get to know all of you here :) :)

By the way, I am thinking to establishing an 'ONE of the KIND' eco-village that could providing jobs, and supporting daily needs for its own members of all ages. The model of this eco-village based on these criterias.

1) Healthy lifestyle through eating/drinking non-chemical food products, and regular physical work-out in different forms.

2) Simple and sustainable lifestyle through natural daily recycling programs/practices.

3) Create necessary jobs and affordable green shelters for community members, so they do not have to travel far away for gaining income.

4) Community home schooling from elementary to grade 12 (Students would be taught and focus more on trades, art, life skills, survival skills, gardening/farming, martial arts, sports, spiritual and self-esteem, etc,.

5) Common and ride share transportation among the members during designated time of day/month/year

6) A tourist attraction place of retreat and enjoyment for self-well being.

7) Produce rare and special products on food, drink and household goods for the national and international market.

8) Alternative healthcare provider for all members and non-members clients.

9) Regular healthy recreation sport/programs for the community and visitors.

10) Special caring and supporting program for community seniors.

11) A natural nutrient food and drink process facility.

12) International green and fresh food restaurant.

These are only some of the aspects that I like to have in this eco-village project, and I also welcome your feedback, idea, or question as well. However, any idea on how to obtain a free piece of crown land in New Brunswick, or from other Canadian provinces for this project is greatly appreciated. In the mean time, please do share my idea with all like-minded folks and see if we could join hands together to make it becoming reality.

* Thank you all very much for reading my post and reply!
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