Green Shores®: A Multi-Faceted Tool in the Coastal Resilience Toolbox

Green Shores®: A Multi-Faceted Tool in the Coastal Resilience Toolbox
12pm-1pm, Dec 1, DG Blair, Stewardship Centre for BC

This lunchtime webinar will explore the impacts of human development, including habitat loss and pollution, combined with climate change challenges that are negatively affecting the health of shoreline ecosystems and the ecological services flowing from them. Green Shores® is an initiative of the Stewardship Centre for British Columbia (SCBC) with the broad objective of increasing capacity to address impacts of shoreline development, including climate change, on shoreline ecology, and human well-being. Using an adaptive management approach, Green Shores builds local capacity to implement nature-based solutions by providing shoreline design standards, project certification, education and training, incentives to homeowners, and by providing support to communities through a Local Government Working Group. In this presentation, DG Blair will provide an overview of the Green Shores program, including lessons learned and recommended next steps for action in the Maritimes and across Canada.

Click here to register. This event is part of a series titled How Nature Can Help Us Adapt to Climate Change. Click here to view all the events.

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Date de l'événement 01 décembre, 2021 12:00 pm
Date de fin 01 décembre, 2021 1:00 pm
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