Nature Moncton September Meeting


“Invasive Species of New Brunswick”

DateSept. 21, 2021

Time:  7:00 PM

Location:  Rotary Pavilion, Mapleton Park

PresenterShelby Heath, Engagement Coordinator for the NB Invasive Species Council.

As naturalists and bird watchers we are always “out in nature” looking for birds, plants, insects and many other things. But do we always know if what we are studying is native to our region or introduced?  And if introduced, what effect does it have on our native species?  The presentation for our first meeting of the 2021/22 Nature Moncton season on September 21st will focus on these questions.  The New Brunswick Invasive Species Council (NBISC) is a collaborative organization that works to protect our province’s environment, economy, and recreational interests from the threat of invasive species. This presentation will provide an overview of invasive species ecology and impacts, particular species of concern in the province, how to ID them and what steps you can take to prevent their introduction and spread. Whether you are a birder, hiker, gardener, camper, boater, or simply enjoy walking with your dog, everyone has a role to play!

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Date de l'événement 21 septembre, 2021 7:00 am
Date de fin 21 septembre, 2021 9:00 am
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