Volunteer Training Session for the Shorebird Conservation and Education Project

We are looking for volunteers to participate in the Shorebird Conservation and Education Project held at Irving Nature Park!

Volunteers will be on the Saints Rest Beach during high tides on weekends from August 27 to September 24 (including Labour Day). Volunteers will conduct shorebird counts and talk to beach visitors about the sandpiper migration and conservation story, and about the ways they can help the birds including minimizing the disturbance of the sandpipers while they are resting on the beach.

The Irving Nature Park in West Saint John provides a vital feeding and rest stop for thousands of shorebirds during their fall migration. The tiny (16.5cm /6.5”) Semipalmated Sandpipers arrive in the Bay of Fundy between late July and early September where they join several other species of shorebirds to feed on small invertebrates on the Bay’s extensive mud flats. After doubling their weight over a two-week period, they depart on a 72-hour 3,000-4,000 KM non-stop flight to South America.
An informative workshop will be taking place on August 20st 2022 at 10:00am to present more information on the project as well as advising how to tactfully approach beach walkers, shorebird identification and life history.
The workshop will take place at the Kiosk Shelter at the Irving Nature Park.

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Date de l'événement 20 août, 2022 10:00 am
Date de fin 20 août, 2022 11:30 am
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