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World Agri-Tech Webinar: Start-Up Showcase
Mardi 14 Juillet 2020 - 12:00pm - Mardi 14 Juillet 2020 01:00pm
World Agri-Tech

World Agri-Tech is a world-leading event series focused on the most disruptive technologies transforming the global food system. We gather the brightest minds from agribusinesses, food brands, producers, investors and entrepreneurs to foster learning, collaboration and investment strategies to fast-track transformative solutions to the field.

World Agri-Tech's second online Start-Up Showcase webinar will bring three more agtech entrepreneurs to our digital stage, as they present breakthrough solutions to optimize farming systems, with questions from investor experts and you the audience.

Presenters: Agrynex, MoA Technology and Varigen BioSciences
Investors: TechStars Farm to Fork Accelerator, Syngenta

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World Agri-Tech Live Webinar Series

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