L'événement médiatique du SSNB (bulletin de notes aux partis politiques élus de la 60e législature) sera reporté à fin août/début septembre (avant la reprise des travaux de la commission sur le changement climatique et la durabilité environnementale).


Stop Spraying New Brunswick Inc. (SSNB) tiendra une conférence de presse EN LIGNE

Jeudi 29 juillet 2021 à 13 h

Petitcodiac Community Hub - The Vault, Petitcodiac, à 31 Main Street. La conférence de presse sera diffusée en direct sur le groupe Facebook public de SSNB et nous prévoyons d'envoyer un lien d'invitation Zoom pour que les médias se joignent jeudi matin.

  • Dre Caroline Lubbe-D’Arcy, présidente, SSNB
  • Donald Bowser, vice-président, SSNB
  • Joël MacIntosh, directeur, SSNB
  • Kimberly Copp, directrice, SSNB

Lors de la conférence de presse, SSNB émettra un bulletin sur le rendement des quatre partis politiques élus à la 60e législature du Nouveau-Brunswick en 2020, en réponse à une pétition avec 35000 signatures manuscrites visant à interdire la pulvérisation d'herbicide sur les terres publiques (couronne forêts, emprises d'Énergie NB). SSNB rendra également compte des progrès de la campagne de promesses de dons de SSNB, au cours de laquelle les candidats politiques sont invités à signer un formulaire de promesse à StopSprayingNB.
Les médias seront invités à poser des questions après les présentations des orateurs.

Personnes de contact: français: Joël MacIntosh cell: (506)955-4293 ou (anglais) Dr. Caroline Lubbe-D’Arcy (cell) (506) 292-7503

courriel: stopsprayinginnewbrunswick@gmail.com


Hello New Brunswick Environmental Network!

My name is Abigail Christ-Rowling and I am an Environmental Studies student at Mount Allison University and an Intern at Community Forests International.

I am reaching out to connect with non-Indigenous environmental organizations in the Atlantic region to learn about their involvement and acknowledgment of Indigenous stakeholders. My focus is to highlight how environmental organizations are promoting reconciliation and systematic decolonization. My goal is to inspire greater action for Indigenous justice within the environmental community by documenting and sharing the ongoing efforts.

I would love to connect and learn about the valuable work your organization is doing. If this is something that your organization is interested in and open to talking about, please get in touch.

Abigail Christ-Rowling
Art d'Eco is a creative and diverse guide for everyone that seeks to connect with Nature. As an environmental magazine, Art d'Eco is a strong advocate for Canadian Nature and wildlife. However, to restore nature is to restore our connection with it. The path of living a more sustainable and happy life in balance with our environment is different for everyone. That is why Art d'Eco offers a wide variety of subjects related to the topic of environment and Nature. From seasonal recipes, art & meditation to herbal medicine, green witchcraft & climate action projects... this magazine has it all!
  • Get inspired by amazing environmental projects of the youth of the Maritimes
  • Admire the art from local artists and the First Nation communities
  • Get crafty with food and objects you can find in your surroundings
  • Start living according to the seasons
  • Find calm & peace in your everyday life
  • Live more intentionally and happily

Art d'Eco follows a nature-based calendar - the wheel of the year - that divides a year into eight sabbats: four solar festivals (Yule, Ostara, Litha, Mabon) and four seasonal festivals (Samhain, Imbolc, Beltaine, Lugnasadh). The eight Sabbats were celebrated in ancient Celtic culture and are still being honoured in modern-day paganism, Wicca and witchcraft.

Art d'Eco is currently looking for environmental organizations that want to share with their readers in which way they are making a difference and how other people can support them in their cause. Also, environmental activities or climate action projects organized by individuals or groups can be featured so they can get out to people and get recognized. Another way these environmental organizations can be of help is through writing something for the magazine to educate people on an environmental issue in their community/Canada.

Connect with Art d'Eco:
Email: magazine.artdeco@gmail.com
Photo : Vue aérienne d'une forêt au nord de Grande Prairie montrant le dépérissement du peuplier. Crédit : Service canadien des forêts.

Le climat du Canada change rapidement et plus gravement que celui de la plupart des régions du monde, et on ne sait pas si nos arbres survivront. Voir https://www.rncan.gc.ca/changements-climatiques/impacts-adaptation/changements-climatiques/indicateurs-des-changements-fore/mortalite-arbres/17786?_ga=2.5583027.1832246737.1620322671-1213095687.1620322671 Lorsque le métabolisme intrinsèque qui assure la survie des arbres est compromis, ceux-ci deviennent plus vulnérables aux insectes et aux maladies. Les scientifiques forestiers se sont empressés d'attribuer l'augmentation des taux de mortalité principalement aux insectes, mais avec les connaissances actuelles, ils ne peuvent que spéculer sur les raisons de la perte de résistance. Il est impossible de fournir des réponses scientifiques solides à ces questions, car la recherche scientifique sur les arbres n'a pas été effectuée.

Cliquez ici pour lire l'article complet sur la raison d'être de la pétition e-3353 (anglais).

Cliquez ici pour consulter et signer la pétition e-3353 qui demande au gouvernement du Canada de :
  1. Mettre sur pied et de financer un conseil national de recherches sur les arbres au sein d’Environnement et Changement climatique Canada;
  2. Fournir des fonds et des infrastructures comparables à ce qui est fourni à l’Agence spatiale canadienne; et
  3. Mettre l’accent sur la recherche fondamentale pour comprendre l’aptitude à la survie de chaque essence au Canada ainsi que sa provenance géographique d’origine, assurer cette aptitude à la survie, et soutenir les travaux des physiologistes, histologistes, biologistes cellulaires, biologistes moléculaires, biochimistes, biophysiciens et généticiens dans chaque institution de recherche.
Veuillez partager cette pétition avec vos réseaux.


Hello New Brunswick Environmental Network!

The Marine Animal Response Society is a charitable organization dedicated to marine animal conservation in the Maritime Provinces through research, engagement and responding to incidents involving marine animals such as whales, dolphins and seals. We operate the only toll-free incident reporting hotline for the Maritimes, offering communities access to expert advice on dead or distressed marine animals. This includes live animals that are observed entangled, found alive on beaches, or find themselves in odd locations like up rivers. As well, it includes animals that are found dead, floating at sea or on beaches, for which it is highly desired to determine why it died via a necropsy (an animal autopsy). Our goal is to build relationships so we can work together to protect marine animals and our ocean ecosystem.

Our work to assist and better understand these animals cannot succeed without the help of local communities and the dedicated folks who report animal incidents to our hotline, so we’re asking for your help! Though your interests may not focus on marine animals, your environmental endeavors may bring you to ecosystems that overlap with them.

If you come across a dead or distressed marine animal, please call our hotline:


Additionally, we are looking for folks to join our MARS Response Support Network who may be willing to share resources to increase our capacity for response.

Depending on the species and the type of incident, response can involve the need for transportation on both land and sea requiring access to vehicles and vessels. In addition, access to heavy equipment such as excavators to move dead animals or freezers for storage of animals awaiting pickup are critical. This response support network is a critical component of MARS’ ability to respond to incidents of marine animals around the Maritimes and we’re hoping to learn about individuals and organizations that may be willing to help.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about our organization, the MARS Response Support Network, or would like educational materials! I can be reached at:


Thank you for your time,

Krista Bouwman



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