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Roundtable: How future-friendly are Canadian provinces?
Mercredi 19 Mai 2021 - 02:00pm - Mercredi 19 Mai 2021 
May 19 2021

We recently published a net-zero provincial report card, prepared by veteran climate reporter Shawn McCarthy, that grades Canadian provinces and territories on climate performance.

There is no doubt that meeting Canada’s goal of net-zero emissions by 2050 will require robust GHG mitigation efforts from provinces, and we plan to continue monitoring this closely.

To unpack the findings of this report and discuss the path forward for building a coalition of net-zero committed provinces, join Corporate Knights and a diverse panel of voices from the front lines of policy and climate research to highlight what provinces and territories can learn from each other, and map out the big opportunities to unify Canada on climate action.

Hon. Keith Iriving
Minister of Environment and Climate Change
Nova Scotia

Rachel Samson
Clean Growth Research Director
Canadian Institute for Climate Choices

Toby Heaps
CEO, Corporate Knights Inc.

Shawn McCarthy
Author, Net-zero Provincial Report Card

Opening Remarks:
Bruce Lourie
President, Ivey Foundation

More panelists to be announced!

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