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Nature Moncton Duck Workshop
Jeudi 22 Avril 2021 - 07:00pm - Dimanche 25 Avril 2021 05:00pm



Workshop (Virtual): Thurs. April 22nd from 7:00 to 9:00 pm

Outing:  Sat. April 24th(rain date: Sun. Apr.25th) from 10:00 into the afternoon. (**Bring a lunch)

Meeting Place for Outing:  Rte 114 and Steeves St., Hillsborough (meet at the lot in back of the post office, near the fighter jet at the far end).

Presenter and Guide: Roger Leblanc

Registration (for outing only):  with Louise Nichols –

Cost:  $5:00 for members/$10.00 for non-members (to be paid at the outing on April 24th)

With the arrival of spring, many bird species that have left us for more moderate climes will be coming back.Amongst the first to return, and certainly some of the most colorful, are ducks.Now some ducks, mostly sea ducks, have toughed it out and stayed with us through winter, but their habits and behaviors are so different that they justify a separate treatment. At this workshop/outing, we will concentrateonly on dabbling and diving ducks found on inland bodies of waterSo what is the difference between dabbling and diving?  In this workshop we will learn the answer to that question and how to tell them apart. Dressed in their spring finestdabbling and diving duckshave already started coming back to us. On arrival, they first congregate in bays, waterways and impoundments before getting down to the arduous matter of producing next year’s offspring.  This makes April the perfect time to learn to recognize them or simply brush up on your duck ID skills. And if you are just getting into “birdwatching,” ducks are a perfect place to start because they are big, colourful, have a tendency to stay put long enough for one to study them and many are jam-packed with identification-helping field marks. Still some, females in particular, can be confusingSotohelp you out with this, Nature Moncton isoffering this combination workshop and outing. With our own Roger Leblanc,we will first have an online weekday evening workshopto studythe 14species of dabbling or diving ducks that can be expected in the region now. We will learnhow to separate them by habitat,behaviorandfield marks. Roger will also share with us his experience-based “tools of the trade” for duck identificationThen on the weekend we will head out to a couple of duck hot spots in the Hillsborough region where ducks are findable in mixed groups at this time of yearThere, with Roger’s help, we will workon using the knowledge learned in the workshop to ID them to speciesAll in all, a greatlearning and fun-filled experience that should help you better answer the question:What’s that duck?”

All are welcome, Nature Moncton member or not.  

** Bring a scope if you have one, and binoculars.  Roger will have an extra scope and binoculars available if anyone needs them.

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