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Tertulia - Jason MacLean on Greta Thunberg, #FridaysforFuture and the Lessons of Youth Climate Activism
Mercredi 14 Avril 2021 - 07:30pm - Mercredi 14 Avril 2021 
Jason MacLean will deliver the next tertulia talk on Greta Thunberg, FridaysforFuture and lessons of youth climate activism on Wednesday, April 14 at 7:30pm (Atlantic Time) on Zoom.

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Jason Maclean is an assistant professor in the Faculty of Law at the University of New Brunswick. He recently defended his PhD dissertation, Essays on the Law and Politics of Canada’s Climate Policy, at the University of Alberta. Jason received his joint BCL/LLB from McGill in 2006 before clerking at the Supreme Court of Canada for Madame Justice Marie Deschamps. He also holds a PhD in Sociology from the University of Toronto. Jason is a staunch supporter of the fight to stop climate change. He is passionate about environmental protection and promoting sustainability. Much of his research focuses on environmental law, natural resources law, climate change and energy policy, and sustainability pathways and co-benefits.

What is a tertulia? A tertulia can be described as a kind of philosophy café where participants talk about big thinkers, artists and ideas. This winter, Tertulias Fredericton has put together a series on activists and social movements that have shaped our lives and allowed us to imagine a better future.

Tertulias Fredericton is supported by the NB Media Co-op, publisher of videos of the Tertulia talks, RAVEN - Rural Action and Voices for the Environment, the Atlantic Regional Solidarity Network, book publishers Fernwood, Between the Lines, Verso and Canadian Scholars | Women's Press.

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