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Herbal Entrepreneur Conference 2021
Dimanche 21 Mars 2021 -  - Samedi 27 Mars 2021 

Introducing the Herbal Entrepreneur Conference 2021!!!

Dates: April 20-24

This ONLINE event will unite herbalists from across the globe to build community as we help each other to profit from our passion for plants with a successful herbal business.

We have experienced herbalists from diverse backgrounds - farmers, foragers, formulators, shop owners, bloggers, teachers, practitioners and more - coming together to share their experience as herbalists so that, ultimately, we can learn and grow together.

We'll be hearing from some INCREDIBLE speakers, including Marlene Adelmann, Julie James, Guido Masé, Maria Noel Groves, Rachel Jepson Wolf, Sarah Corbett, Lorraine Dallmeier, Crystal Gordon, Funke Owolabi, Jade Alicandro Mace, Jeff Johnson, Heather Irvine, Stephanie Boucher, Heather Olson, The Practical Herbalist and many more!!!

You will learn more about:
  • Entrepreneurial mindset for herbalists
  • Herbal product formulation guidelines
  • Current Good Manufacturing practices (cGMPs)
  • Accounting and records to keep
  • Legal structures to protect your business
  • Sustainable practices for farming and formulation
  • Building relationships and growing your customer base
  • Brand values on social media
  • Different business models that work
  • Branding for your herbal business
  • And so much more!
The best part? It's completely free to attend.
Just click here to register:

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