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Webinar: A conversation with leading voices in engaging racialized communities in nature
Jeudi 18 Mars 2021 - 01:00pm - Jeudi 18 Mars 2021 02:00pm
Nature Canada’s NatureHood program is hosting a panel webinar with Sustainability Network March 18th at 1pm EST with a number of leaders pushing for equitable access to nature spaces on the land currently known as Canada, each from different perspectives and experiences.

Racialized communities experience many complex barriers that limit people’s access to nature. This includes factors such as inequitable distribution of green space, systemic socio-economic barriers, cultural perceptions of nature spaces, safety in nature, and lack of representation. Spending time in nature should be a right, but instead is a privilege. It is critical that we work to address those barriers for a more inclusive, equitable, and just outdoors. With that said, racialized communities have always contributed to stewardship, with histories deeply connected to lands. However, they have been excluded from being represented in the great outdoors narrative.

In this webinar, participants will hear from a panel of experts leading the push for equitable access, opportunity, and representation in the nature and conservation field. Each panelist will share their journey to nature-based, conservation, and outdoor recreation work, and how they contribute to this community. It is all of our responsibilities to move the dial on racial justice in the spaces we work in. Participants will leave the webinar with increased awareness, and tangible ideas on what actions they can take.

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