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Carbon Cache: How Canada’s natural landscapes can help fight climate change
Mardi 02 Février 2021 - 02:00pm - Mardi 02 Février 2021 
The Narwhal

Join The Narwhal’s editor-in-chief Emma Gilchrist and our panel of guest speakers for an hour-long discussion about the role nature-based solutions can play in achieving Canada’s climate goals.

We’ll dig into how nature-based solutions work and the federal government’s $3.9 billion dollar commitment to implementing them. We’ll also discuss how nature-based solutions factor into ongoing conversations about Indigenous Protected Areas and how carbon offsets fit into the equation.

Hear from The Narwhal's Stephanie Wood, Nature United executive director Hadley Archer, Cree Nation Deputy Grand Chief Mandy Gull, ALUS chief executive officer Bryan Gilvesy and Community Forests International executive director Daimen Hardie.

The conversation will be followed by a 30-minute audience Q&A session with our panelists.

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