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The Great Food Callenge Part 3 - Agribusiness & the SDGs: How do we rethink financial mechanisms to align agribusiness to the SDGs?
Jeudi 03 Décembre 2020 - 10:00am - Jeudi 03 Décembre 2020 11:15am

Agriculture is facing multiple challenges – meeting global food security; a growing population with changing diets; a levelling off of crop yields; dwindling natural resources and biodiversity – all whilst managing the increasing threats of climate change. Meeting all these challenges will require a significant increase in the access and availability of capital for climate-smart investment across agri-value chains. 

Accessible and robust public and private sector investment is critical to support our global food systems in their transition to a low-carbon, equitable and resilient future.  In the final instalment of the digital agri event series “The Great Food Challenge”, will present this Virtual Discussion to examine how innovative financial mechanisms can be used to achieve the joint objectives of development, mitigation of and adaptation to climate change to align global agribusiness with the UN SDGs.

15:00    Event chair opening remarks

15:05 Climate Leaders LIVE

15:30    Interlude – short videos and promotional content presented by FAO and Partners

15:35    Virtual Panel Discussion

16:15    Part 3 Ends – available to watch on-demand at

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