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Cartoons and Comics for Climate Change
Dimanche 15 Novembre 2020 -  - Dimanche 15 Novembre 2020 
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Cartoons & Comics for Climate Change
 is an exciting new project from PERC that will engage children and youth in designing cartoons and comics on themes of climate change and sustainability. 

Due to Covid-19 and restrictions for visitors in schools, camps and clubs we are developing a series of videos with the help of Hotshoe, a social enterprise that employs youth. These video workshops include access to learning materials in PDF format, which will make it possible for us to facilitate this workshop while maintaining social distancing guidelines from Ottawa Public Health. 

Virtual workshops are available to those who are interested. This workshop will delve into topics of sustainability and climate change in a fun and creative way. Participants can submit their drawings to PERC and they may be featured in the PEN.

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Submit your Cartoons & Comics – they may be featured in the PEN. Deadline for cartoon submissions for the next issue of the PEN is NOVEMBER 15th 2020!

Watch the virtual workshop videos on our Youtube channel

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