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Are Vulnerable Populations Protected from Hazardous Chemicals in Canada? Why a New Approach is Needed
Jeudi 12 Novembre 2020 - 02:00pm - Jeudi 12 Novembre 2020 03:15pm
CELA is pleased to announce a series of webinars focused on the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA), our country's main environmental legislation used to evaluate and manage substances. In this webinar series, we explore how CEPA can be strengthened to protect vulnerable communities, including children, women of childbearing age, workers, people of low income, and Indigenous communities from toxic exposures, using improved, modern approaches to advance prevention strategies from hazardous substances.

Thursday November 12, 2020 at 2:00 pm AT (length 1 hr 15 min)

In this webinar our presenters will explore the challenges facing workers who handle hazardous chemicals in their workplaces, and the barriers to adopting the use of safer products in these workplaces. Nail salon workers will be highlighted as a case study. The webinar will discuss why the Canadian Environmental Protection Act should recognize vulnerable populations and prioritize informed substitution strategies for hazardous chemicals, rather than exposures. The Substitution Principle will be illustrated with the examples of PFAS, perchloroethylene and PBDEs.

We will be joined on the webinar by Anne Rochon Ford, Nail Salon Workers Project (an initiative of the Parkdale-Queen West Community Health Centre) and Beverley Thorpe, Consultant to Clean Production Action.

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