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Environmental NGOs, Equity, Inclusion and Justice: Reflections from the U.S. Green Leadership Trust : A Webinar with Francisco “Paco” Ollervides
Mardi 10 Novembre 2020 - 03:00pm - Mardi 10 Novembre 2020 04:00pm
Join inaugural Green Leadership Trust ED Paco Ollervides for this webinar which is designed to assist leaders and organizations in their commitment to diversity, equity, inclusivity, and justice, to explore what culture change is and help them make everyday decisions about programs and activities. Paco will discuss ‘the why’ of diversity considerations for organizations; suggest a few mechanisms for how to ensure diversity, equity, inclusion and justice; and chart possible next steps as we embark in a journey to continue building the DEIJ culture of these organizations.

Cost: $10

All proceeds will go to Green Leadership Trust to support its work with People of Colour and Indigenous Peoples.
A recording of the webinar and presentation slides will be provided. All participants will receive a confirmation email and a link to join the webinar through Zoom Webinar.

Click here to register.

Everyone is encouraged to review three key resources beforehand:

Green 2.0 report “The State of Diversity in Environmental Organizations: Mainstream NGOs, Foundations & Government Agencies” from 2014.

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in Big Green Nonprofits: Negotiating the Challenges” by Deeohn Ferris from 2019.

DEIJ in Action: A Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice Guide for the Chesapeake Bay Watershed” commissioned in 2019 by the Chesapeake Bay Trust.

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