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Agents of Change: Amplifying voices of future leaders in environmental health and justice
Mardi 13 Octobre 2020 - 01:00pm - Mardi 13 Octobre 2020 02:15pm
The face of science is changing. Increased diversity within the world of environmental health research is spurring the innovative ideas and solutions to push our planet forward in a healthy, more just direction.

The George Washington University Milken Institute School of Public Health has partnered with Environmental Health News to provide a space for the environmental health leaders of tomorrow to explore the intersection of research, health, diversity and justice.

"Agents of Change" is an ongoing series featuring the stories, analyses and perspectives of next generation environmental health leaders who come from historically under-represented backgrounds in science and academia.

During this webinar, Dr. Ami Zota, the founder and director of Agents of Change, will facilitate a Q&A discussion with four of the fellows who participated in the program this year to discuss their ongoing research, activism, and experiences with publishing their ideas in the public sphere. Fellows El'gin Avila, MPH, CPH, M? Dzung Chu, MSPH, Ans Irfan, MD, MPH, and Brenda Trejo, MPH, have published articles in focused on the public health crisis of displacement and exclusion of communities of color in decision making, housing insecurity and its disproportionate impact on the health of people of color, 'Agricultural Exceptionalism' or lack of farmworkers' legal rights perpetuating exploitation and abuse, and the importance of acknowledging racism in environmental health to address injustice.

This will be the second of two webinars covering the Agents of Change fellowship. You can follow Agents of Change on Twitter at @AgentschangeEH. To learn more about the project and read the blogs you can also go to

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