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Écoanxiété dans un contexte de changements climatiques
Jeudi 01 Octobre 2020 - 02:30pm - Jeudi 01 Octobre 2020 03:30pm

Presented by:

Dr. Katie Hayes (Policy Analyst, Climate Change and Innovation Bureau, Health Canada)

In this webinar, we’ll explore how climate change affects mental health. We’ll discuss the mental health outcomes from specific hazards, and the latest research on eco-anxiety and eco-grief. We’ll pay particular attention to the disproportionate risks to specific populations, including populations facing health inequities and at-risk occupational groups. We’ll also explore how to measure and monitor the mental health consequences of climate change and the role of climate change and health assessments in supporting an understanding of risks, impacts, and adaptation opportunities. This session will close with an overview of population-level interventions that support well being in a changing climate.

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