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Global Day of Climate Action
Vendredi 25 Septembre 2020 - 12:00pm - Vendredi 25 Septembre 2020 
Friday, Sept. 25 at 12:00 PM
Chancery Place, 675 King St, Fredericton, NB E3B, Canada

Hosted by Extinction Rebellion New-Brunswick and Extinction Rebellion Fredericton.

One year ago, concerned citizens from across the world gathered together to demand that their government declare climate emergency and to act accordingly by following climate science and commit to reducing carbon emissions to net zero by 2035.

Since then, the world has been ravaged by the COVD-19 pandemic. This has not only exposed major ineptitudes in our social services and their ability to withstand a crisis, but it has also given us a glimpse of how our government can and should respond to a global crisis. Together we will see the end of the Coronavirus pandemic, but unless we take serious and immediate action to address climate change today, we will not survive this century. In addressing the current pandemic and the coming economic fallout, this may be our last opportunity to make the deep systemic changes necessary to avert climate catastrophe.

Sadly, New Brunswick’s current Conservative government refuses to address the climate emergency with the seriousness that it needs. Instead, they make empty promises, and have now decided that their plan to fight both the economic and climate crises, is to develop dangerous, toxic, and unclean Small Modular Nuclear Reactors on the Bay of Fundy. And they have already secured federal funding, without proper public consultations.

The Maritime provinces are exceptionally well-positioned to rapidly eliminate carbon-based power and to reduce other emissions arising from fossil fuels. The Maritimes have excellent conditions for wind power generation and energy storage along the Gulf of St. Lawrence. It is distinctly possible for New Brunswick to be a leader in a transition to a Green Economy, without the need for nuclear energy.

On Friday September 25, we will join together once again, to demand that our government responds to the climate emergency with the same determination as they did with the pandemic. We demand that the Higgs government commit to transitioning the New Brunswick economy to net zero emissions by 2035, including retrofitting buildings with solar panels, investing in local and province-wide electric public transit, and making energy efficiency a priority. We demand that the current federal funding acquired be diverted from SMNRs and instead invested into renewable energy development. We want a Just Recovery for All that invests funding into traditionally low-carbon sectors (such as health, education and the arts), and begins to invest in mitigating the consequences of a heating climate that are already locked in.

We will be following social distancing guidelines and taking measures to protect the health and safety of everyone around us. We ask that everyone wears a mask, and that we keep a 6 ft distance between anyone who is not in your “bubble.” This is a Non-Violent peaceful protest. Bring your signs and your friends. Make your voice heard for your future.

Chancery Place
675 King St

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