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Webinar: Green Teacher - Nature-Based Biology Activities from a Distance
Mercredi 16 Septembre 2020 - 08:30pm - Mercredi 16 Septembre 2020 10:00pm
Green Teacher

Cathy Law, a veteran of 14 years of nature-based learning, will share her greatest hits of activities that biology students can perform outside while maintaining a safe social distance in the schoolyard, nature preserve, or at home. Getting kids outside to learn science couldn’t come at a better time now that we all need to be cautious about working in groups. Outdoor learning activities based on inquiry and discovery make your students’ learning experience both meaningful and memorable, but most importantly, FUN! Join in on the adventure and preview labs for yourself and see how you can bring excitement into your classroom by not using one! These activity ideas work really well for students under quarantine, too. Separately but together, students will enjoy learning in the finest class setting of them all — Mother Nature.

Cathy Law teaches Biology, Earth Science, and Field Biology at New Paltz High School in New Paltz, New York. She and her students started the Courtyard Gardens over twelve years ago; it features over 200 different kinds of plants in 15 themed garden zones. The mission of the garden is to create an outdoor learning center dedicated to understanding and improving the environment and to enable learning that is problem-based and interdisciplinary. Cathy presented our wildly popular webinar The Joy of Garden-based Education during Earth Month 2020.

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