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SER Webinar: Generation Restoration - SER Student Associations
Jeudi 10 Septembre 2020 - 02:00pm - Jeudi 10 Septembre 2020 03:00pm
Society for Ecological Restoration

SER has 19 student associations around the world. This webinar will focus on two associations - UNED Costa Rica Student Network for Ecological Restoration and SER-Brigham Young University (United States). Wilmar Ovares (UNED Student Network) and Travis Sowards (SER-BYU) will talk about how they started their student associations, the projects and activities the groups have worked on, and where they see the groups going in the future.

Wilmar Ovares is a professor in the Management of Natural Resources Program at UNED Costa Rica, which is part of the School of Natural and Exact Sciences. In 2015, he co-founded the UNED Costa Rica Student Network for Ecological Restoration. UNED has 37 campuses in Costa Rica and is one of the most important universities in the Central American region.

Travis Sowards is the current SER Board of Directors Student Director. Travis earned his BS in Forestry, with a certificate in International Forestry and Conservation, from Northern Arizona University. He served for ten years on US Navy submarines before beginning work as a Natural Resources Specialist with the US Forest Service’s Pacific Southwest Research Station. In 2017 he began working on his PhD in Wildlife & Wildlands Conservation at Brigham Young University. He founded the Brigham Young University SER Student Association, and served as the president of this thriving and growing student club from 2019-2020.

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