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Webinar: Green Teacher - Using a school-community partnership to cut Greenhouse gases
Mercredi 26 Août 2020 - 08:30pm - Mercredi 26 Août 2020 
Green Teacher

Since 2012, public transit ridership in Kingston, Ontario has increased by more than 87%! The Kingston Transit High School pilot has contributed significantly to the success and has also morphed into a standard institution whereby the city’s high school students receive discounted transit fares and hands-on orientation to public bus use. So how did this all come to be? Partnerships. In this latest interactive webinar, Dan Hendry explains how to forge and maintain community partnerships. From there, join a digital breakout room to problem-solve in a small group. Finally, Dan hears your ideas and takes any final questions.

Dan Hendry’s concern for the environment is what drives him to promote sustainable initiatives for the Limestone District School Board as well as sustainable solutions within the Kingston, Ontario community. His combined interest in sustainability, innovation, entrepreneurship, student mentorship, and community have been well integrated into his personal, academic, and professional experiences. He has also collaborated with the Federation of Canadian Municipalities to create a guide for using city-school partnership to inspire youth to choose sustainable transportation. This program has turned into an international success, with other jurisdictions inquiring about how it is influencing their current and future ridership.

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