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Deadline for EOS Climate Change Resilience Survey Prize Pack Entry
Dimanche 16 Août 2020 -  - Dimanche 16 Août 2020 
How can Sackville thrive and be more resilient during climate change? Help EOS Eco-Energy create a new community-based guide for Sackville, NB.

What could the Sackville community do to be better prepared for climate change?

How prepared for climate change do you feel you are?
What’s limiting you from being more resilient during disasters like severe weather events?
How can Sackville residents, businesses and organizations thrive despite climate change impacts?
Would you love to see a community food forest? A community greenhouse? What else?

Tell us today by taking the EOS climate change resilience survey today and enter for a chance to win a great local prize pack!

If you live in Sackville, fill in the residential survey here. It will only take about 20 minutes.

If you are with a business, organization or community group in Sackville, fill in the business survey here. It will only about 15 minutes.

Thank you so much! Your information is valuable for the creation of a community-based guide to thriving during climate change in Sackville, NB.

EOS Eco-Energy



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