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Webinar: Cancer and the Environment Series - Disparities and Cancer
Mercredi 22 Juillet 2020 - 02:00pm - Mercredi 22 Juillet 2020 
Collaborative on Health and the Environment
There is a growing body of scientific literature supporting evidence of the disproportionate impacts of exposures to environmental carcinogens in minority and socioeconomically disadvantaged communities. Environmental justice communities tend to live in areas with higher levels of air and water pollutants from sources such as highways or other busy roadways, chemical facilities, and oil and gas refineries, all of which have been associated with increased cancer risk. During this webinar scientists Dr. Christine Ekenga, Anita Desikan, and Caroline Eberle will present their research focused on the disproportionate impact of airborne carcinogens, PFAS contamination, and personal care products specifically marketed to minorities, increasing their risk of developing cancer throughout their lifetime.

This webinar will be moderated by Karen Wang, PhD, director of CHE. It will last for 70 minutes and will be recorded for our call and webinar archive.

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