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Nature Moncton Getting the most out of your camera
Samedi 01 Février 2020 - 09:30am - Samedi 01 Février 2020 12:00pm

Nature Moncton Workshop 

“Getting the Most out of your Camera” 

Date: February 1, 2020

Time: 9:30 AM to 12:00 noon (with the option of some outside practice time after lunch)

Location:  Tankville School, 1665 Elmwood Drive, Moncton

Leaders: Gordon Rattray, Fred Richards and Brian Stone

Cost:  $8.00

Please register for the workshop with Louise Nichols at

Participants in this workshop will have the opportunity to learn how their cameras function when taking a picture.  Our three presenters will talk about the components of a photograph and will show how a camera can be used to get a certain look, with some discussion on how best to compose a photo.  Later in the session, we will focus on how to find a good picture opportunity and the setup that will work best to obtain the most satisfying results. 

Participants are encouraged to bring their cameras (either DSLRs or Point-and-shoot) and practice what they learn on their own equipment.  The presenters will be more than happy to answer questions.

This is not a photography class as such, but an overview of cameras and photography. 

Bring a lunch, especially if you plan to stay and practice.

All are welcome, Nature Moncton member or not. 


Tankville School
1665 Elmwood Dr.

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