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Webinar: Cognitive decline, dementia, and Parkinson’s disease: Environmental contributors and potential pathways to prevention
Mardi 14 Janvier 2020 - 02:00pm - Mardi 14 Janvier 2020 03:00pm

Collaborative on Health and the Environment

In this webinar featuring the newest and fifth chapter of A Story of Health eBook, meet 72-year-old Sam, his family, and friends as they try to understand Sam’s apparent cognitive decline that begins after his wife dies and what might be done to address it. Along with Sam’s doctors they explore his childhood environmental exposures, later workplace and neighborhood exposures, his current diet and social connections as they ask if his “forgetfulness” is due to normal aging or something more serious. Expert speakers including Drs. Samuel Goldman, Ted Schettler and Mark Miller will also address environmental influences on Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases and the role of gene-environment interactions. They will address exposures to solvents, pesticides, air pollution, and lead, across the lifecourse. The effects of psychosocial and socioeconomic stressors and the latest science on pathways of neurodegeneration will be covered briefly. Dr. Goldman will address head injuries, cognitive impairment and Parkinson’s. The webinar will feature graphics and illustrations from the eBook to illustrate where and how we live, work, and play can influence health across the lifespan.

“Sam’s story” includes numerous options for interventions and actions for healthy aging and is available free online in an easy-to read PDF format. Written for health care providers, health advocates, policy makers and others concerned about environmental influences on healthy aging, the story includes links to additional resources and scientific references on each page. Health professionals can register for free continuing education credits (CE) through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) with ATSDR hosting the CE accreditation pages.

This webinar will be moderated by Maria Valenti, Director of the Commonweal Health and Environment Literacy Project (HELP). It will last for 60 minutes and will be recorded for our call and webinar archive.

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