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Ways to Cope with Climate Stress
Samedi 05 Octobre 2019 - 03:00pm - Samedi 05 Octobre 2019 05:00pm

This workshop is open to the general public and is hosted by EOS in partnership with IRIS Community Counselling. It will take place at 3pm to 5pm on Saturday, October 5th, 2019 at the Fort Folly First Nation Band Office at 38 Bernard Trail, Fort Folly, NB. This workshop focuses on indigenous perspectives on climate change and ways to cope. Nicole Dube, Fort Folly’s Cultural Coordinator, will be leading portions of the workshop and sharing indigenousness mindfulness approaches. The workshop is free, but spaces are limited. Onsite childcare and travel assistance are available if needed. Please let EOS know ahead of time. Register by contacting EOS at or 536-4487. 

Contact Amanda Marlin, EOS Eco-Energy 506-536-4487 or
Fort Folly First Nation Band Office
38 Bernard Trail
Fort Folly
New Brunswick

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