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Webinar: 2 of 2 Quantifying the Adaptive Capacity of Tree Species and Implications for Silviculture
Mardi 22 Janvier 2019 - 02:00am - Mardi 22 Janvier 2019 03:00pm
Tree Vulnerability to Climate Change and Implications for Adaptive Silviculture

 Series overview: Forest vulnerability to climate change is composed of three components: “exposure” refers to the magnitude of environmental change, “sensitivity” defines the degree to which a species is likely to be affected by (or respond to) climate change, and “adaptive capacity” describes the species capacity to cope with the expected changes through acclimation or adaptation. This 2-part webinar series will describe recent advances in the quantification of these three vulnerability components in Canadian forests and will discuss their implication in developing “climate friendly” silvicultural practices.Recent evidence indicates that the migration rate of tree species will not be sufficient to follow their suitable climate under climate change scenarios.

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