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Driving the Transition to Safer Chemicals Through Consumer and Retailer Advocacy
Mardi 23 Octobre 2018 - 03:00pm - Mardi 23 Octobre 2018 04:00pm
The Mind the Store campaign has successfully driven the nation's largest retailers to eliminate toxic chemicals in products and create comprehensive safer chemicals policies. Mike Schade, Campaign Director, will speak about the campaign and latest developments in the retail sector, including this year's retailer report card coming out in November. Beautycounter is a tireless advocate for stricter guidelines and regulatory laws to shift the personal care industry away from harmful and questionable ingredients. Lindsay Dahl, Beautycounter's Vice President of Social & Environmental Responsibility, will speak about their ingredient policy and advocacy, as well as their work to educate customers about harmful chemicals in beauty products, empowering individuals to demand better from the beauty industry.

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