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Nature Moncton October Meeting
Mardi 16 Octobre 2018 - 07:00pm - Mardi 16 Octobre 2018 
New Brunswick’s Protected Natural Areas

Guest Speaker: Heather Loomer
New Brunswick’s Protected Natural Areas (PNAs) are designated sites, protected in perpetuity, for the conservation of New Brunswick’s diversity of flora and fauna and the natural spaces, habitats, and ecosystems on which they depend. Currently in New Brunswick there are 208 sites designated under PNA legislation protecting a total of 274,000 hectares of land and inland waters. Heather Loomer is a biologist with the Protected Natural Areas Section of the Dept. Energy and Resource Development in Fredericton. Heather’s presentation will highlight a few of these sites,explaining why they are worthy of protecting and visiting.Heather’s presentation will provide some information on special areas for folks to visit and on what to look for that led to their protection. 
All are welcome, Nature Moncton Member or not.

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