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4th Annual UNB Mawio'mi/Siqonawsultipon Pow Wow
Jeudi 05 Avril 2018 - 11:00am - Vendredi 06 Avril 2018 05:00pm
The Mi'Kmaq and Wolastokiyik First Nations in New Brunswick welcome you to visit our communities and join in the celebration of our culture through dance, song, chants, and feasts. The Pow Wows still carry on the tradition of embracing family, friends, and guests each year.
Contact 506-458-7111
Richard J. Currie Centre
21 Peter Kelley Drive
New Brunswick
E3B 1Y7

There will be an array of vendors with authentic artwork and crafts, traditional clothing and accessories. Powwos normally start on Thursday and Friday with Sunrise Ceremonies at 6 AM, with lighting of the Sacred Fire and vendor set up; Grand Enterance is held on Staurday and Sunday at 1 PM.
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