DATE:                        August 9, 2011



TOPIC:           Thompson Brook Restoration Project Complete



DETAILS:      The Kennebecasis Watershed Restoration Committee (KWRC) recently completed a habitat assessment and restoration project on Thompson Brook.  This project was carried out with the cooperation of Jeff and Marta Floyd and support from our funding partners.  The Gulf of Maine Council on the Marine Environment, the New Brunswick Wildlife Trust Fund, New Brunswick Environmental Trust Fund and, the Sussex Fish and Game Association provided the KWRC with sufficient funding to assess 2.3km of Thompson Brook and enhance 1647m2 of riparian and aquatic habitats through native tree stock along degraded riparian areas and through restricting cattle access to the stream.  KWRC staff worked through the summer of 2009 and 2010 installing fencing, planting trees, and monitoring the sites ecological health.  The site now possesses a flourishing riparian area and provides greater fish habitat thanks to the efforts of the past two years. 


                        Thompson Brook is located just east of Apohaqui, New Brunswick.  It is not a large stream but it plays an important role in the overall health of the Lower Kennebecasis Watershed.  As a cold spring fed stream it buffers the warmer temperatures of the main river during the warm summer months.  This helps maintain water quality and fish health and with this small stream now in a healthier state, so to is the Kennebecasis River.




PHOTO:          (Thompson Brook sign panel)

The KWRC and its partners have been posting signs like this at each of their restoration sites so that funding partners are recognized and so that the public recognize a habitat restoration project.


                        (TB Restoration Efforts)

                        Throughout the planting seasons of 2009-2011 KWRC staff erected and maintained restrictive riparian zone fencing and planted over 450 potted coniferous and deciduous trees.


CONTACT:    Ben Whalen, Project Manager, KWRC



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