Here is a summary and associated links for the Maude Barlow Grassroots Guardians event at the Capitol Theatre in Moncton on August 6. Feel free to share.

Grassroots Guardians:  Why Protecting New Brunswick from Shale Gas Development is Everyone’s Responsibility
On August 6, Council of Canadians National Chairperson, Maude Barlow spoke to over 500 people at the Capitol Theatre in Moncton, New Brunswick on the need for all people and cultures to come together in a quest to protect our land, air and water. 
Part 1:  Patricia Leger, of Memramcook Action, speaks to the intensive work and solidarity of many groups and volunteers across the province of New Brunswick, who are collaborating in opposition to hydro-fracking for gas and oil. Deborah Carr of Water and Environmental Protection for Albert County spoke to the situation in the Moncton area and the potential for developments in south-eastern New Brunswick, giving the reasons why this is not just a rural issue.

Part 2 – Ron Tremblay, of Maliseet First Nations, begins speaking in his native tongue because his grandfather always told him to speak first in his own language when he talks.  Then, in English, using the stories of his culture, he explains the need for all people to take a stand to protect our shared Mother Earth. He talks about polluted rivers and his arrestas he stood at the junction of Routes 116 and 126 to block seismic thumper trucks. He shares the prophecies of the elders that the people will reach a crossroads and if we advance beyond, there will be no turning back. We are at that crossroads; it is the time for rising up of all people to protect our future.

Part 3 – Maude Barlow, National Chairperson for the Council of Canadians, speaks on the environmental protection work being done throughout the world, and here in New Brunswick, where our opposition is inspiring other provinces, states and countries.  She paints a grim picture of the state of our environment, but shares optimism inspired by the very large successes of dedicated people and groups, among them our First Nations communities. She encourages the financial support of legal injunctions to stop the government from proceeding with the exploitation of our natural gas. (see

Deborah, WEPAC

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