"We've made a list and we're checking it twice"

This campaign is to encourage people all across this province to e-mail and/or phone several MLAs and ask them to speak up publicly for Dr. Eilish Cleary to be reinstated.   People and groups are also encouraged to meet with their local MLA and ask them to speak up publicly to reinstate Dr. Cleary.  You can post on Facebook and Twitter (#BringBackCleary) the response from your MLA, whether positive or negative.    

Campaign organizing groups (see sidebar) will be watching for MLAs who speak in public or release press statements that ask to reinstate Dr. Cleary.  The MLA Checklist (download below) will keep track of these MLAs and be regularly updated on this website.

"Oh Cleary tree, oh Cleary tree."
Cleary wreath2

The campaign is calling for people across this province to decorate trees, wreaths, and other visible objects in your house and your community with the message "Bring Dr. Cleary Back for the Holidays". Have fun with it and use your imagination!
  • Use small recipe cards with the message written on it and affixed with a red or green ribbon
  • Tag your favourite natural wonder (e.g. forest, stream, river, wetland, bay) with objects that include the message "Bring Dr. Cleary Back for the Holidays"
  • Use aluminum foil to fashion small stethoscopes for decorations

Then take a picture and post on Facebook and Twitter (#BringBackCleary) which will encourage others to do it in their community or favourite natural wonder. 

Use the "Cleary cards" (download from below and print). 
  • Fill these out with your location, tie them up with a piece of green or red ribbon on a tree, wreath, community location, or favourite habitat and take a picture of it to post on Facebook or Twitter (#BringBackCleary)
  • Fill one out for your favourite animal, fish, bird, or tree that is threatened by our widespread clearcutting and spraying programs.  For example, "Doe Ramey" from "Durham, New Brunswick." 
Have fun with it!

FACEBOOK PAGE:  Reinstate Dr. Eilish Cleary
HASHTAG:  #BringBackCleary

Downloadable MLA check list and Cleary cards

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