VOICE OF THE PEOPLE TOUR: Red Dot Poll Results for Sussex NB and area May 8 2014

1)  NB's democratic deficit is stifling our ability to have an effective public voice to counter government and industry control

2)  Something needs to be done about corporate media control in NB

3)  We need better transparency about what has been happening in Penobsquis

4)  (Tie)
     - Stop subsidizing large corporations
     - Regulations will not protect us

5)  NB needs more emphasis on sustainable industry incentives

6)  Proportional representation is needed for electoral reform

7)  (Tie)
    - Community economic development investment funds and other investment tools are needed to support local community development
    - Concern for lack of accurate information and industry truth

8) Reduce toxins - Take NB out of a sacrifice zone 
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