VOICE OF THE PEOPLE TOUR: Red Dot Poll Results Summary for St. Stephen and area, May 1, 2014

1)   Stop (moratorium or ban) shale gas in NB to protect our water and 7 generations

2)   Protect our aquifers

3)   Take corporations out of politics

4)   (Tie)

-       We need value-added here in NB, e.g. wood products

-       Allow hemp industry in NB

5)   (Tie)

-       NB must provide a complete set of tools to allow citizens, communities and co-ops, farmers, etc. to invest in local energy projects

-       Community economic development investment funds

-       Good feed-in tariff rate

-       Investment tax credits for co-ops

-      Begin community discussions on creating renewable energy opportunities

6)   (Tie)

-       Stop forest agreement with Irving. We need to get our crown forests back

-       Change the way we vote: Kick out the Liberals and PC’s and vote in other party candidates

-       Focus on renewable energy and our own communities. We need to take care of ourselves and do it sustainably. e.g. local food and local forestry

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