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The Aster Foundation is seeking proposals from NGOs and registered charities (or other qualified donees) in New Brunswick for projects addressing the theme: Collaborative Environmental Policy Development.

Funding available: $10,000
We will support 1 project in the amount of $10,000 OR 2 projects in the amount of $5,000 each.  

How to apply: Fill out this APPLICATION FORM and send it to before 5:00 pm Atlantic Time on Tuesday, October 11, 2022.  

Supporting Collaborative Environmental Policy Development

The environmental movement in New Brunswick is very strong, with many players across the entire spectrum of issues. The movement is supported provincially by the NB Environmental Network, which has provided networking, collaborating, and engagement supports to the organizations. The individual organizations are generally well-funded for project work from water quality testing, to habitat restoration to climate change education (entire spectrum) through provincial funding programs such as the Environmental Trust Fund (over $8 million yearly, with over $5 million going to NGOs yearly over the last three years) and the Wildlife Trust Fund (approximately $600k yearly), as well as federal funding programs (Habitat Stewardship Fund, etc.), with some receiving grants from foundations as well. 

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