On January 6th, 2022, the province announced that it would begin the process of renewing its climate change action plan.  As part of that process, the Standing committee on climate change and environmental stewardship heard presentations from subject matter experts and First Nations representatives, several of which were given by NBEN member groups. The presentations are as follows:

January 13th 2022 - Sabine Dietz, Executive Director, CLIMAtlantic
January 13th 2022 - Marion Tétégan Simon, Head of research, VALORÈS

January 18th 2022 - Louise Comeau, Director of Climate Change and Energy Solutions, Conservation Council of New Brunswick

January 18th 2022 - Adam Cheeseman, Director of Conservation, Nature NB

January 18th 2022 - Tim LeBlanc Murphy, Executive Director, New Brunswick Environmental Network.

The committee will produce a document this spring, summarizing the presentations it heard. That information will be considered as part of the new action plan, which is expected to be released by this summer.

New Brunswickers will have an opportunity to provide input on the new action plan through an online public consultation period, Jan. 24 to Feb. 24.
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